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Exterior cleaning services in Luton and surrounding areas.

We provide a range of cleaning services for your home, available in Luton & surrounding areas. In addition to our window cleaning service we also provide:

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Why Choose MAC Cleaning

Why use us?

We pride ourselves on what we believe to be the biggest principles in Business: Service, Product, Trust, Reliability and Professionalism. We have worked hard to make sure that not only us, but anybody associated with us shares these same principles.

We guarantee complete satisfaction with our service. If there is anything at all that we have done that leaves you dissatisfied we will come back until you are satisfied. If after this point you are still not happy with the quality of the job done, we will give you your money back.

Fully insured

We have the correct itinerary for the job, be it different brush heads for sills or conservatory’s, or products for algae or PVC stains.

Tired of being let down by window cleaners?

We will always provide you with a quote for window cleaning and never drop you without reason leaving you to wonder where your window cleaner has gone.
We aspire to be better by constantly investing back into the company to provide better equipment, products and more services the end result being a happier customer.

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