Over time they can become green with algae, contributing to a lack of light and a shoddy appearance. We can restore it to its former glory!

Has your conservatory roof
lost the shine it once had?

Conservatories are a great space to add onto a house. Over time however if not cleaned then conservatories can become green with algae, losing the brand new look they once had. At MAC Cleaning we specialise in conservatory roof cleaning in Luton.

We use specialist chemicals that are kind to the environment but powerful enough to rejuvenate the conservatory, bringing life back to it and light back through. We scrub the solution on and let it set, following with a rinse of pure water to remove all remaining dirt. Its a good idea to clean them as much as you can, but generally as long as they are cleaned every 6 months they will stay looking new. Would you like us to clean your conservatory? Get in touch.

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